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Dr. Gladys McGarey
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She grew up in India where both her parents worked as medical missionaries during the s and she trained to become a doctor during World War II. This sparked a lifelong mission to explore holistic medicine, which led to Gladys co-founding the American Holistic Medical Association in She was the first person to utilize Acupuncture in the United States — and trained others how to use it.

The Foundation for Living Medicine was created from her visionary life — with the mission to create a healthier world by fostering our own capacity to heal and to further extraordinary legacies, regardless of age or medical history. You can feel her warmth, love, and passion for life in her voice, which is why I know this episode is going to spark something inside of you.

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Fear is just an emotion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with fear. The idea of fearlessness is outrageous, there is zero chance you will ever be without fear.

Conversation with Living Legend Dr. Gladys McGarey

I let my parents know that and the problem that I had was when I got into the actual workings of the field of medicine. McGarey talks about the beginning of her medical career. The focus was primarily on the body, practices were just starting to incorporate the mind and the spirit was left out completely. She was in medical school during WWII and the focus was killing, destruction and getting rid of an issue; that continued after medical school and continues today, with medicine centered around the getting rid of diseases, pain and killing off bacteria.

Thank you so much for doing these TWO tapings of one incredible woman…… She is one of the marvels walking our planet today!!! Honored to be in the room with her, when the line formed up front immediately following the talk you taped…….. Thank you! Now Available on Kindle from Amazon!

The Physician Within You: Medicine for the Millennium

What If It Really Works? Pioneering the New Spiritual Culture.

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  • Gladys McGarey, MD, MD(H) and The Inner Physician.

Gladys McGarey. Comments Roberta Sho' Be says. March 29, at pm.

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Then just keep browsing. Gladys by calling: Gladys Taylor McGarey's work lives on through The Foundation for Living Medicine formerly, The Gladys Taylor McGarey Medical Foundation , which has helped to expand the knowledge and application of holistic principles through scientific research and education. Gladys and the Foundation are leading the charge to effect the paradigm shift in medicine that changes the current disease model to one that focuses on the individual and the wholeness of life. Love you Dear Heart. Again, thanks for BBS and for all that you do we aren't even aware of -- need heros out there - I sincerely appreciate it! We so need to laugh.

Dr. Gladys Taylor-McGarey, Founder Foundation For Living Medicine

I don't know if you're aware of that, but things you say on tnt and the 6pm Sat. Gotta keep the Happy -- Laughing -- Joy quotient up right now - need it to get through all this other stuff. Hhope you'll do tnt again.

Dr. Gladys McGarey: Introductory Video

Did you know you were funny. In a very good way - takes really really really smart people to make me laugh.

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