The Greenhaven Encyclopedias of The Middle Ages

The Greenhaven Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages
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Streissguth, Thomas. This source described the contents and purpose as well as the story of the Bayeux Tapestry. The source is secondary in nature, but can b trusted since Gale is a respected academic organization.

How clean were Medieval people?

Understanding the Bayeux Tapestry was very helpful to understand the tradition behing the Battle of Hastings. BBC, n.

The Greenhaven Encyclopedia of Witchcraft

This source provided detailed information about the contents of the Domesday Book and outlined the social structure that it described. Understanding the Domesday Book helped me to understand what type of ruler William was.


Grade 9 Up-Alphabetically arranged entries detail incidents, politics, people, and concepts relevant to the period. All are relatively brief and very accessible. Bookplateleaf: Boxid: IA Boxid_2: CH Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II. City: San Diego. Donor: bostonpubliclibrary.

This source provided me with useful analysis of the long term effects of the Battle of Hastings and their effects on Britain as a whole. This helped me understand its historical significance.

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At this time, the built by Kheruef, royal steward to Eigh- Assyrians developed an aggressive mili- teenth Dynasty queen Tiy. One of the best-preserved of Amun at Karnak. There were also chaeologists excavating a collection of agricultural lands around the city that ar- clay tablets found in an unoccupied area chaeologists have estimated could have of Tell el-Amarna. The cobra wadjet was form on occasion. However, the Egyptians belief in a cycle of death and bull also had certain duties. Pirates Through the Ages Reference Library, 4 vols. See also tion, as well as the credit for founding Abydos; Faiyum; Manetho; Narmer.

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The text is easy to comprehend. The writing should be accessible to advance-placement middle-school students and above. These volumes would be suited to school libraries and to public libraries serving middle-school and high school students. The layout and typeface make it easy to read, and the information seems authoritative It is highly recommended for college and public libraries as well as high school media centers. Black and white photographs, drawings, and maps contribute to the attractive appearance of the encyclopedias.

Edited by André Vauchez

Cross-references are generously included, increasing the value of the individual entries. An appendix contains a useful listing of rulers and popes with the years in which they served. Articles are not predictable, with many lesser-known facts presented Although none of the information presented is extensive, this resource provides a concise overview of the period, making it valuable for high school and middle school reports. Uncluttered and unpretentious, it is an economical buy for small school or public libraries.

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