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Data and Computer Communications (3305ENG)
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In fact, it was suggested that we read the chapters after the lecture, which me, being the good student that I try to be, did so though once again I suspect that I am the only person who did so. Then again, since we had two written assignments to hand up over the semester, it became pretty clear that you simply could not rely solely upon this book to be able to successfully complete them though I suspect that a number of students did attempt that.

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WEB SITE FOR DATA AND COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS, EIGHTH EDITION v. Supplemental Documents. The DCC8e Web site includes a number of. Data and Computer Communications, 10e, is a two-time winner of the best Computer Science and Engineering textbook of the year award from the Textbook.

In fact, I now have a lot more understanding as to how we are able to play our favourite Iron Maiden song off of the hard drive, and how all of those saucy pictures that we collect are converted into electrical pulses. Okay, the whole image digitising part of the course was an addendum at the end, but sound was a core component, particularly since data communication basically started off as converting sound into electrical waves, and then transferring them over long distances. Still, I do wonder whether it is all that necessary these days to actually purchase the text books. Then again, Law textbooks are nothing short of ridiculous.

However sometimes it feels as if pretty much everything that you need for a computer science degree is basically on the internet. Then again, this semester I did discover that simply going to www. Anyway, my operating system finally gave up the ghost, so I guess I better go back to reinstalling it, and getting the computer to pretty much do everything that it did before the reinstall, which honestly is the most painful part of a reinstall.

Oh, well, everything except for the thing that made me want to go and reinstall it, namely because then I would have completely wasted my time. Nov 25, Felipe rated it it was amazing. This book is very pragmatic, I find it very good at illustrating the concepts behind telecommunications, starting from the physical layer upwards.

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All the math in this book is mapped to a practical purpose, making it easy to comprehend. This book is fantastic.

Data and Computer Communications- Lecture #1- 9\1\2016

However, this book might be too high level if you work on the signal processing side of things. Jul 04, Rex rated it it was amazing Shelves: hardware. Great book as a starting point for students who are in information technology discipline. It covers such a vast range of topics.

The chapters that I learned mainly focused on wire network and wireless network. I find the concepts are very well explained. It is a book for beginners, it does not have lots of details for each of the topics. A book referenced for my university course. The book is nicely divided into logical and organised sections. The explanations are aided by very well drawn diagrams. It's a pretty informative book on data communications and networking. There was a tad too much mathematics for me though. Jan 04, Tashfeen Karamat rated it liked it.

This is a test review. Nov 27, Ardianta rated it liked it. Pembahasan yang detail, lengkap, dan sedikit membingungkan. Jun 13, Antonia Ivanova rated it it was amazing.

Data and Computer Communications Pearson International Edition 9th Edition

Standards — A comprehensive discussion of the current status and future direction of related technology standards helps students understand the central role of standards in network and protocol design. More than homework problems — Problems ranging in difficulty, with solutions provided on the Instructor's Resource Center, give students the opportunity to test their comprehension of concepts.

Animations: Animation provides a powerful tool for understanding the complex mechanisms of network protocols.

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The text clearly indicates where the animations should be used. Strong pedagogical support — The liberal use of figures and tables; glossary; list of acronyms; recommended reading list and Websites; and a bibliography provide students with convenient study tools. IRC — This Instructor Resource Center to accompany Data and Computer Communications, 9e is a password-protected area of the Prentice Hall online catalog that enables instructors to download presentation and assessment resources quickly.

The chapter organization has been changed somewhat so that now the material is organized into two Units, with Unit Two containing more advanced material and an expansion of the material related to the Internet. Beyond this organizational revision, the most noteworthy changes include the following:. Thus, the higher the frequency, the higher power is needed to obtain a given SNR. Power is much more readily available at earth stations than at satellites.

Therefore, it makes more sense to put the higher power requirements on the earth stations than on the satellites. Using Equation 4.

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The available received signal power is 20 — In addition, lack of a direct-current dc component means that ac coupling via transformer is possible. The magnitude of the effects of signal distortion and interference depend on the spectral properties of the transmitted signal. Clocking: Encoding can be used to synchronize the transmitter and receiver.

Error detection: It is useful to have some error detection capability built into the physical signaling encoding scheme. Signal interference and noise immunity: Certain codes exhibit superior performance in the presence of noise. Cost and complexity: The higher the signaling rate to achieve a given data rate, the greater the cost. Some codes require a signaling rate that is in fact greater than the actual data rate. The data themselves are encoded as the presence or absence of a signal transition at the beginning of the bit time.

A transition low to high or high to low at the beginning of a bit time denotes a binary 1 for that bit time; no transition indicates a binary 0. The binary 1 pulses must alternate in polarity. For pseudoternary, a binary 1 a is represented by the absence of a line signal, and a binary 0 by alternating positive and negative pulses. In the Manchester code, there is a transition at the middle of each bit period; a low-to-high transition represents a 1, and a high-to-low transition represents a 0.

In differential Manchester, the midbit transition is used only to provide clocking. The encoding of a 0 is represented by the presence of a transition at the beginning of a bit period, and a 1 is represented by the absence of a transition at the beginning of a bit period. The filling sequence must be recognized by the receiver and replaced with the original data sequence. The filling sequence is the same length as the original sequence, so there is no data rate penalty. This approach is susceptible to sudden gain changes and is rather inefficient.

For PM, the phase is proportional to the modulating signal.

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You can change your ad preferences anytime. Rate Product. It makes sense to put those functions having to do with network access into a separate layer. Joel Alex Certified Buyer , Trivandrum 11 months ago. Welcome back. Design Approaches — Exploring alternative approaches to meeting specific communication requirements gives students a deeper understanding of communication system and protocol design.

For FM, the derivative of the phase is proportional to the modulating signal. Map this level as indicated by the definition for 1 and 0 for each of the other codes. Second, under worst case, E-NRZ provides a minimum of one transition for every 14 bits, reducing the synchronization problem. Third, the parity bit provides an error check.

The disadvantages of E-NRZ are added complexity and the overhead of the extra parity bit. Bipolar-AMI 5. For AMI, positive and negative pulses are used alternately for binary 1. The pulse in position 1 represents the third binary 1 in the data stream and should have a positive value. First consider NRZ-L.

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For the remaining codes, one must first determine the average number of pulses per bit. For example, for Biphase-M, there is an average of 1. These higher components cause the signal to change more rapidly over time. Hence, DM will suffer from a high level of slope overload noise. The demodulator portion of a modem expects to receive a very specific type of waveform e.

Thus, it would not function as the coder portion of a codec. The case against using a codec in place of a modem is less easily explained, but the following intuitive argument is offered.