A Farewell to Baker Street

A Farewell to Baker Street
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An Affair of the Heart demonstrates the critical interplay between the two men which made their partnership so memorable and endearing. The Curious Matter of the Missing Pearmain is a classic locked-room mystery, whileThe Case of the Cuneiform Suicide NoteseesDr Watson using his expert knowledge in helping to solve the mystery surrounding the death of an academic.

In A Study in Versethe pair assists the Birmingham City Police in a complicated case of robbery which leads them towards a new and dangerous adversary.

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Charles explained that when he made the announcement on Sunday those in attendance cheered and applauded. Tech culture. Indeed, Holmes is to participate in the foils competition as a member of Great Britain's Olympic team. The Independent Books. I have said it quite a lot before, I'm very picky when it comes to Holmes pastiches. Amba Hotel Charing Cross. Hulbert, who owns an online clothing and apparel business, said he had books but no place to put them.

But what of the lady herself - what more do you know of her? Alas, very little. I made some discreet enquiries at one of my dining clubs.

A steward there knows of her, and furnished me with a few particulars. When he passed away in February of last year, he left his wife a fashionable and expensive home in Bexley and a tidy annual income to match.

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Yes, indeed. But there is something more. I cannot recollect all of the details, but seem to remember that she was embroiled in some sort of scandal involving the younger son of the Duke of Buckland.

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Well, that is news to me! I spluttered. And what was the nature of this impropriety? I suggest we retrace our steps back to Baker Street, where I can consult my files and tell you all of the pertinent facts surrounding the Cheddington Park Scandal. The two-mile walk back to Baker Street lifted my mood considerably and I felt reassured that I had, at last, confided in Holmes.

A Farewell to Baker Street

But at the back of my mind, I was now anxious that the matters he had referred to might exacerbate my woes about the marriage. On entering B, we were greeted immediately by an agitated Mrs Hudson. I have just taken her a cup of tea, but she seems very emotional and has already sat upstairs for the best part of an hour. Understood, Mrs Hudson, then we will delay her no longer, Holmes replied, removing his overcoat and hat and nodding for me to do the same.

But do please tell us - who is our resolute, yet excitable guest? We climbed the seventeen steps to the upstairs room and entered the study. Mrs Aston-Cowper stood promptly to greet us, dropping her small handbag on to the chair she had been sitting in. It was clear that she had been crying and she still held within her delicate, gloved left hand a small handkerchief which I gathered she had been using to dry her tears.

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The lady appeared to be considerably younger than I had expected. While I knew her to be just over forty years of age, I could not in all honesty say that she looked a day over thirty. She was slender in build and around five feet, ten inches tall. Beneath her heavy black shawl, she wore a long, exquisitely tailored dress of green silk, which accentuated her slim figure.

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Her bright, delicate face was framed with a mass of dark curls, on which sat a velvet bonnet festooned with a colourful assembly of flowers. As I approached her, I was transfixed by her intense blue eyes. Holmes greeted her warmly. Mrs Aston-Cowper! I am so sorry to have kept you waiting. She raised her right hand towards him and he shook it gently. I am Sherlock Holmes, as you may have guessed, and this is my colleague, Dr John Watson, the man you have really come to see.

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Please, be seated. Her face took on a look of gentle surprise and she smiled pleasantly as I too shook the hand that was extended towards me.

get link She then sat back down and proceeded to remove her shawl, black gloves and the green velvet bonnet, revealing the full extent of her brunette locks. I suppose I should have guessed that a celebrated consulting detective would have little trouble in discerning the primary reason for my visit, she said, in a confident tone. We both took seats facing her and I could not resist the opportunity to make an immediate observation: Mrs Aston-Cowper, no doubt you wish to talk to me about your forthcoming marriage to my nephew Christopher? I imagine that he asked you to come here, knowing that if he had come himself, I would have expressed my displeasure at his hasty matrimonial plans.

You may view me as overly-protective and unreasonably paternalistic towards him, but I think I should point out that Christopher is, in many respects, the closest thing I have to a son of my own. I have no reason to question your affections for him, but fear that he may be marrying you for his own selfish reasons. Her response was both earnest and considered.

Dr Watson, I thank you for your honesty and directness, as I much prefer a man who says what is on his mind. Christopher knows nothing of my visit today. He holds you in high regard and has told me much about your loyalty and steadfast support for him and his studies.

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